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Chapter Five..

Peiru opened her mouth to speak…scanning the words carefully one by one.. She said to Kwun Hok, “ Thank you for sending me to the hospital. I am proud to have such a friend like you.” Kwun Hok was listening attentively and answered, “It was nothing because you landed in this state because of me.” There was a moment of silence before Caroline burst in with Shawn lagging behind. With concern, Caroline asked me how Peiru was feeling. When she replied that she was fine, she then heaved a sigh of relief and stared disapprovingly at her brother. She then started to lecture her brother for not taking care of her as he was the master of the house and should be responsible for anything in the house. Peiru wanted to defend him and tell Caroline that it was not his fault, but before she could open her mouth again, she slipped into deep sleep as the drowsy medicine took effect.

When she opened her eyes, the first person she saw was Kwun Hok who was fast asleep on the chair beside her bed. She looked at him with lots of thoughts in mind….she thought of the fun times she had spent with her best friend and her brother. After thinking for sometime, she finally made up her mind. As the wind was very strong, she managed to get a jacket to cover him. After a few minutes of struggling, she finally got out of her bed and went to change back into her clothes. Hurriedly, she left the hospital….leaving two letters….one for her friend and one….for her friend’s brother………

She slowly crept her way out of the hospital, afraid of being discovered by the nurses and doctors. At the entrance, it was raining very heavily. However, that did not stopped Peiru from wanting to leave, hence, she continued to walk away. Deep inside her heart, she only wanted to leave as far as she could. After walking for 3 minutes, she heard someone calling her. She looked behind and saw Kwun Hok running towards her. When she saw him, she ran even faster. She did not want to hear or see him in case she changes her mind. She only felt that hurting Caroline and Kwun Hok is the last and only thing on earth she will want to do. Unfortunately, Kwun Hok caught up with her and he pulled her sleeve to stop her from running. But Peiru did not relent instead, she continued running. While struggling, Kwun Hok suddenly slipped and fell onto the road. His head knocked against the stone lying on the pavement. Blood started flowing profusely. Peiru looked back and started screaming for help when she saw his head bleeding. In the middle of the night, there was not a single soul around. Peiru noticed a cart which looked like transporting garbage and an idea stroked her. She supported his head with her hands and slowly dragged him onto the cart. After that, she took hold of the handles of the cart and started pushing it towards the hospital. When she reached the hospital, her hands were covered with blood. Not only with Kwun Hok’s blood, but also of her own, as her wound has split and the handle of the cart was covered with splints all over. She did not feel any pain when she finally let go of the cart as she collapsed on the floor.

When she woke up, the first word she shouted was, “ Kwun Hok !!!” Looking around her, she found no one else was around her. She was lying on a bed and she suddenly realised that she was in the hospital. She tried to move but she could not find the strength to do so. Within seconds, someone came in. She looked up and saw an unfamiliar face staring at her. He was wearing a white coat and had a stethoscope around his neck. On the left hand side of his coat, there was a tag, in scripted “Dr Khaw” . Dr Khaw looked at her and asked, “How are you feeling, lass?” Peiru looked at him and replied him with another question, “ Are you talking to me?” How is Kwun Hok?” These words came out of her mouth, word-by-word, she seem to try to force the words out of her mouth. Dr Khaw answered, “He is fine, we have stitched his head up, it was not a serious injury. But as he has knocked his head, he is still in a coma. Even after he wakes up, he would have to stay in here to recuperate and check that there are no other side-effects from his concussion. The unlucky thing is that he may not be able to wake up so soon. You have been sleeping for a week. Its lucky u woke up.” On upon hearing that Kwun Hok was still in a coma, Peiru started to sob quietly. She felt so sorry to have landed Kwun Hok in this predicament. She tried to get out of her bed to open the door but as she was weak, she fell. Dr Khaw looked at her, wondering what she was trying to do. Suddenly, Peiru lost her balance and fell into the arms of Dr Khaw who tried to cushion her fall . Soon, he realised that she wanted to visit Kwun Hok and see him. He then arranged for a nurse to attend to Peiru’s needs and to request the nurse to bring Peiru to Kwun Hok’s ward as he knew that as long as Peiru does not see Kwun Hok, she will not rest in peace.

Due to the hospital manpower efficiency, within 10 minutes, a private nurse called Candy came into Peiru’s ward and introduced herself. She brought a wheelchair with her, planning to wheel her to Kwun Hok’s ward. It seems that Dr Khaw has really briefed her in the things she should do for Peiru as within minutes, Peiru was already in Kwun Hok’s ward. Peiru looked at Kwun Hok quietly, heart beeping very fast. Not because of her anxiety, but because of her guilty heart….her conscience. It was she who landed Kwun Hok in this pathetic and sad state. She sat beside him and held his hands into her palms and she clasped them very tightly. In the deep side of her heart, she wished for him to wake up, even if it means reducing her lifespan by 10 yrs, she is also already contented. Tears streaming from her eyes, just at a moment of second, she saw Kwun Hok’s eyelids fickle. She looked carefully, not wanting to let her eyes fool her. Soon, she realised that she was not dreaming when he finally opened his eyes. He stared blankly at the ceiling, not even noticing Peiru’s presence….. Peiru called his name, but he did not respond. In anxiety, she pressed the emergency bell to call the nurse. When the nurse came in, she was asked to leave the ward. It was then when Candy finally returned to pick Peiru up. Peiru wanted to stay to hear the doctor’s diagnosis. But Candy assured her and told her that she will pick up Kwun Hok’s news and inform her as fast as possible. In return, Peiru must rest and not stress herself too much.

Back in her ward, Peiru could not sleep. She wanted to wait for his news before she could sleep. At around 9,30pm, Candy walked in and said, “ Dr Khaw have just brought news that Kwun Hok has just woke up but it was proven that he has lost part of his memory, especially the part which has you in it.” Peiru listened in shock, she did not believe that she has brought such trouble to Kwun Hok…..but upon thinking, it may be a good thing for both of them.

Chapter Four..

One night, Kwun Hok walked past Peiru’s room and found the door ajar and there was still light in her room. He opened the door and peeped in. He saw Peiru lying on the couch, fast asleep. Beside her was a diary. Feeling curious, he picked up the book and saw what Peiru had wrote about him during the past few weeks. From the dairy and found out that in fact, Peiru cared a lot about him and his sister. He was touched and so he covered her with a blanket after carrying her to her bed, gave a fast peck on her face and left the room, switching off the lights. Going back in his room, he called Shawn and told Shawn to bring Caroline out the whole day. In return, all expenses will be fully paid by Kwun Hok.

The next day, Peiru woke up to find out that breakfast was prepared. The breakfast was prepared by Kwun Hok. It was a great feast as there were many different types of dishes. Luckily, Shawn, the vacuum cleaner, came over to be the “vacuum cleaner” to finish up the food. Peiru was puzzled but she ate her breakfast in silent thoughts. Caroline and Shawn were busily pampering each other to notice that Peiru and Kwun Hok were very quiet. After breakfast, Shawn brought Caroline out, claiming that he had a surprise date for her. They then left. Peiru immediately volunteered to do the cleaning. Kwun Hok also stood up to volunteer. In the end, the 2 friends were struggling over a plate. Each of them was trying to clear the table as fast as they can. Peiru was careless and dropped a plate which she had just washed. She bend down to pick up the broken pieces and in the process, she cut her right hand. Kwun Hok saw and rushed to her side asking her who she was. Holding her hand, he saw that she was bleeding profusely. He immediately put her finger to her lips to suck out the glass fragments. Peiru told him not to do so as he might cut his lips. In the struggle, Peiru fainted as she had her cut her wrist on her left hand and lost quite a lot of blood. At the moment, Kwun Hok carried her to the sofa. He called the ambulance but they could not come in time as there was no more ambulance left. Kwun Hok was worried and so he wrapped her wrist with his handkerchief and carried her out the house. He wanted to hail a taxi and he finally got one. He carried her into the taxi and they headed to the hospital. Peiru was semi-conscious and could not really speak but she could hear his worried voice, she then went into a deep sleep.

When Peiru woke up, she saw a man in white looking at her. She asked him who he was. The man then introduced himself as Doctor Dennis. Standing behind Dr. Dennis was a female nurse. The nurse introduced herself as Sharon. After a check-up by the doctor, he left, leaving Sharon to look after her. Sharon asked if she remembered anything. Peiru tried to recall but what she could remembered was very vividly. She then asked Sharon where Kwun Hok was. She said that he had fainted after bring her to the hospital because the glass had caused bleeding of his lips. She also said that he had gone home as he didn’t want to stay in a ward. He was treated as an outpatient. Sharon mentioned that he had run the way to the hospital, carrying her as the taxi was caught in a jam.

On upon hearing that, Peiru was shocked and she couldn’t believe her ears. Suddenly, the door opened with Kwun Hok carrying bags of fruits and a few containers. Sharon then left us alone in the ward. She was still too shocked to say anything. He broke the silence by asking how she was. She said that she was okay and looked at him. His lips were covered with plasters and he couldn’t pronounce his words clearly. He served her food and drinks, not caring to take a seat to rest. After a few minutes, unable to tolerate his attitude, she asked him to sit down. He refused till she threatened to pull out her hoses then he relented and took a seat. She looked at him, wanting to say many things, but suddenly she had no courage to do so. Finally she opened her mouth……..

Chapter 3

It was a hot afternoon, Peiru and Caroline was at the Pall Mall shopping. Suddenly, Caroline caught sight of Shawn, a guy in her class. Caroline have been secretly in love with him for some time but she dare not reveal her feelings to him who was afraid that she gets rejected. Peiru knew about the Shawn thing for quite sometime but did not have the chance to look at him face-to-face. Once Peiru knew that Shawn was also in the Mall, she did not miss any opportunity and planned to bring Caroline and Shawn together. Peiru purposely walked near him and “accidentally” knock onto him. When Shawn saw that the person he knocked into was Caroline and a girl, he apologized repeatedly. Peiru then introduced herself and exchanged telephone numbers with him boldly..

Back home, Caroline reproached Peiru for what she had done. Though Caroline did not agree with what Peiru did, who would know that Caroline was also glad that she had got his number. That night, she told Kwun Hok that Caroline was in love with Shawn and hoped that he would make friends with Shawn so as to get some “inside” information for his sis. Kwun Hok agreed with her plan. For the next few days, while Caroline was thinking of Shawn, Shawn himself was also thinking of Caroline as she had left a deep impression in his heart. Peiru then called Shawn out for lunch the next day and they arranged to meet at Majesty’s Palace at 2:00pm. Never did the 2 girls know that Shawn had also invited his new friend, Kwun Hok (who had succeeded in being his buddy) along together with him.

The boys were there 15 minutes early as they did not wanted to be late. The girls however waited till exactly at 2:00pm before proceeding into the restaurant(to show that they are REAL punctual). The girls were dressed very elegantly, not forgetting Shawn who came with a coat and Kwun Hok came with a T-shirt and jacket on. Caroline was dressed in a sky-blue dress while Peiru was dressed in a white dress. When they went into the restaurant, Shawn stood up to adjust the chair for Caroline who was sitting opposite him. Kwun Hok aware of what was happening, however, did not do the same for Peiru. Instead he acted like he did not know a single thing. Peiru waited for a long time for him to behave like a gentlemen, but there was no response from Kwun Hok. At last, Peiru sat down herself. A waiter came and passed 2 menus to the boys. Shawn gave his menu to Caroline but Kwun Hok took his menu and kept flipping it like it was no body’s business. Peiru was offended by his actions and gave him a kick under the table. He screamed. Shawn asked him what was happening and he answered that he was bitten by a red ant . He added that the red ant was a fierce one too. The waiter came and took their order. Caroline and Shawn ordered theirs. Kwun Hok who was flipping his menu also placed his order which consist most of the expensive dishes in the restaurant. Shawn then told Kwun Hok that he had changed his mind about giving him a treat. He would have to pay all the dishes he ordered himself. Hearing this, Kwun Hok immediately cancel his order and ordered a glass of plain water (free-flow/free). Shawn then told the waiter to give him a set of lunch. When it was Peiru’s turn, Peiru commented that she did not feel hungry as she was full with anger. But Caroline quickly responded by ordering a fish & chips for her.

The waiter, Lance, was very unhappy about Kwun Hok as he kept asking for plain water and kept changing his water. He then decided to play a trick on him by putting pepper on his food. When Kwun Hok took his first helping of his lunch, he signaled to the waiter to give him 10 glasses of plain water. Jervis, another waiter was irritated by his screaming, gave Kwun Hok his water by spilling the water onto him. Kwun Hok stood up to shout at the waiter without pushing his chair back. In the end, his action caused the table to tilt and the food landed on Peiru who was sitting opposite of him . Peiru then stood up in anger, not looking back to see who was behind her. A waitress who just walked past her , got knocked by the chair and the cup of water which she was holding then swung into the air before landing on Peiru’s head. Peiru who was very angry left the restaurant with Kwun Hok following behind, apologizing all he had done. Shawn and Caroline saw the situation and laughed. They had no intention of leaving the restaurant to pursue their 2 friends. Peiru walked under a few blocks of flats, ignoring Kwun Hok who running after her. Suddenly, someone from the block threw a bucket of cold water which landed on Peiru making her wet from head to toe. Kwun Hok saw her in a wet state that he started to open his mouth to laugh. Just when Peiru was about to turn behind to ask him to stop laughing, a bucket of black water landed on him. He stopped laughing and began to shout at the person who threw the water. Peiru started to pity him and forgive him for what he had done during lunch. They then walked back to the house. On the way, Kwun Hok covered her with his jacket till they reached the house. When they reached home, Peiru and Kwun Hok each had their own bath in the respectively bath rooms…(just opposite of each other). Unfortunately, in the middle of their bath, the water and electrical supply was cut off. Both of them, embarrassed to go out off the rooms, stayed inside the toilet after deciding that they would wait for Caroline to come back. In the meanwhile, they had a nice long chat……..Shawn and Caroline who was fussing over their dinner whether each others’ food was cold or hot, hard or soft……They had spent about 2 hours at the restaurant when they were having their desert. After their desert, both of them kept very quiet, each shy to suggest where to go….And in the end, they spent another hour, looking at each other secretly….At last, Lance went up to them and ask if they have finished their lunch….Shawn said yes and stood up to help Caroline with her chair….both of them then went out of the restaurant. They stood outside the restaurant, each not wanting to say anything…..Lance and Jervis who had been observing them for the past 2 and a half hours then said to each other that the couple standing out there was very silly. They then made a bet on whether the couple was going to stand out there for another 15 minutes…Shawn who felt that it was stupid of him not to suggest anything then asked Caroline if she wanted to go the to the movies with him. Caroline then nod her head and both of them went happily to catch the movie. It was about seven in the night….Shawn and Caroline have been in the cinema for 4 hours already….Shawn who was finding an opportunity to put his hands on Caroline’s shoulders did not have the courage to do so….Until the end of 3 shows, Shawn asked Caroline if she was hungry, Caroline admitted that she was a little hungry and suggested to go the fast food restaurant to have dinner. Shawn agreed with her and they both walked to Mc Donald’s. On about reaching Mc Donald’s, they had to cross the road… Shawn then took the opportunity to grab her hand just as she was about to cross the road. He succeeded as Caroline did not pull her hand away, instead she smiled at him and they both went to Mc Donald’s to have their dinner there. When Caroline reached home at 9 o’ clock , she was surprised to see the lights in the house all off as she was hoping to see Peiru and Kwun Hok to tell them the good news. She then found out that there were voices coming from the 2 bathrooms, she then creep quietly near the bathroom to hear what was going on. She was eavesdropping between the doors and heard that it was Kwun Hok and Peiru talking. Caroline dropped her keys accidentally, causing the 2 people in the bathrooms to hear her. They told her to activate the switches to let them continue their baths…. When Peiru and Kwun Hok came out, they saw a stern Caroline sitting on the sofa, they went up to her and asked how she and Shawn was going on. Caroline avoided their questions and asked them what happened. They both looked at each other, each not really wanting Caroline to know. Peiru then winked at Kwun Hok when Caroline was not looking. Kwun Hok caught her hint and both kept mum about the accidents after lunch. Caroline had no choice but to spill the beans after being forced. She then related the whole story to the 2 people. They then went on laughing and laughing at how stupid Caroline and Shawn was to have watched 3 movies in a row.

Chapter 2

It had been a week after Cheryl and Jeremiah’s death. Caroline and Kwun Hok were not able to take their death easily. One afternoon, Caroline suddenly broke out in tears. Kwun Hok was very irritated and told her to stop crying. But Caroline couldn’t control her tears, in the end, Kwun Hok gave Caroline a good slap on the face. Caroline was very surprised at his reaction and ran out of the house. She ran all the way to where her parents were buried and sobbed. While she cried, she did not notice that a girl who was dressed very tattered was looking at her. Only after a few minutes, did Caroline noticed that she was being observed by a girl about the same age as her. Peiru, the name of the girl who was hiding behind a tree, went to her boldly and introduced herself. Caroline did the same after wiping her tears. Peiru asked her why Caroline was so upset and Caroline poured out all her feelings to her new friend. Peiru comforted her with jokes. After Caroline’s tears dried up, Peiru told her that she must be going home already as it was quite late. But Caroline insisted that she will not go back so that her brother will be worried and this would teach him a lesson. But Peiru reminded her that since their mother is no more around, they should try to take care of themselves instead of making one another worry so much. Caroline reluctantly agrees on account that Peiru must leave her address so that Caroline could still keep contact with her. Peiru answered that she had no home and if Caroline wanted to look for her, she could go to the bridge near the graveyard. Feeling surprised, Caroline asked Peiru to talk more about herself. Caroline soon discovered that Peiru had no home and was wandering about in the streets. Caroline then offered to put her up at her house but Peiru rejected the offer. Fortunately, Caroline threatened Peiru that unless Peiru follows her home, she will follow her wherever she goes. Peiru had no choice but to relent to her demand.

When they reached home, Caroline found out that her brother was not home yet. She told Peiru to take a bath while she feeds Happy. Happy was a dog who had been adopted by Kwun Hok as he had a liking for pets. Peiru took a fast shower and came out within 10 minutes. When Peiru came out, Caroline discovered that Peiru was in her old and tattered clothes. She immediately gave Peiru some of her own clothes to wear. Peiru at first did not want to accept but she had no choice but to listen to Caroline. Caroline then went in the bathroom and took a shower while Peiru started making dinner. Suddenly, the door opened and in came a figure. The figure crept behind Peiru and later covered her eyes with his hands. The figure then asked her who she thinks he was. Peiru kept very quiet, afraid to answer. Suddenly, Caroline came down the stairs and called out to Peiru asking her if dinner was ready as she was very hungry. The figure who was Kwun Hok was very surprised that the one whom he was holding on to was not Caroline, his sister, but a stranger. He immediately release his grab. Peiru then turned over to face him. Caroline introduced Peiru to Kwun Hok. After the introduction, they sat down at the table. All were silent till Caroline broke the silence by offering some peas to Peiru. Peiru accepted them silently. After the dinner, Peiru hid in the guest room where Caroline told her to stay. Kwun Hok told Caroline to sit down in the living room as he had something to tell her. Kwun Hok said, “Caroline, I have something to say. Listen to me carefully. First, I’m sorry about I hit you this morning. Secondly, I want to tell you that Mum once set a rule that no one is allowed to bring his or her friend to stay in this house overnight. You have broken the rules, do you know?” Hearing this, Caroline argued, “ You listen to me too. First, I’m no more angry about this morning’s incident. Second, I did not break mum’s rules. You said that no one is allowed to stay overnight, rite? Peiru is going to stay with us permanently and not overnight!” Kwun Hok opened his mouth to protest, “ But it’s all the same thing. Your friend is not allowed to stay in this house. Since mum’s death, I’m the eldest in this family. I set the rules and no one is allowed to break them, you hear me?” Caroline then argued, “ If you want Peiru to leave, I will make sure that I follow her no matter where she is heading to…” Saying this, Caroline stormed off. Peiru, in the meantime, was eavesdropping on the conversation or you can call it the argument between Caroline and Kwun Hok. Peiru was very sad that she was not welcome in the house. She then made up her mind to leave the house but she was afraid that Caroline would meant what she say, and then Peiru will be creating a conflict which would worsen the relationship between the siblings. She knew she had to act sensibly and she could not afford for Caroline and Kwun Hok to fall out and so she decided to stay. Caroline in the other hand was very angry at her brother’s reaction and she planned to have things work out in her way.

The next way, Peiru made breakfast and left them on the table. She brought her share of breakfast to eat in her room. This would avoid Kwun Hok, she thought. After an hour of hiding in her room, she went down to clear and wash the dishes left by Caroline and her brother. Peiru knew that Caroline would be leaving for school at that time and so she stayed in the kitchen. Caroline set off to school after a word of assurance that she will be back for dinner and hoped that Peiru would not mind to help cook the dinner. Deep in thought while washing the dishes, she was shocked when the bell rang. She waited for Kwun Hok to answer the door but after a long time, the bell was still ringing. Peiru then walked out to answer the door. She peeped into the door hole and saw a guy in suit holding a bouquet of flowers as though he was carrying an umbrella. She wanted to open the door when Kwun Hok came out from the bathroom. When he saw who it was, he told Peiru not to open the door . Feeling curious, Peiru asked him who he was and why he did not want to let him in. Kwun Hok explained that the man in suit was his friend, Weijie. Weijie was his friend. Since he came here, he should be let in but looking at the way he dressed, he could not be looking for Kwun Hok, but for Caroline. Peiru then further questioned him on why he should stop Weijie from seeing Caroline. Kwun Hok answered that Weijie could only be an ideal buddy and not an ideal boyfriend or lover. Kwun Hok did not want Weijie to hurt Caroline and so tried means to stop him but to no avail and so Peiru should never open the door to him. Peiru who was feeling mischievous at that time came up with a plan that promises Weijie never to look for Caroline in the near future. After listening to the idea, Kwun Hok agreed with her too. Peiru then immediately used charcoal to dirty her face till she was unrecognizable and changed into the tattered clothes which she came in earlier. She also covered her face with a veil. She then hinted to Kwun Hok to hide in the storeroom. She opened the door. Weijie who was feeling impatient at that time after waiting for a long time at the door asked if Caroline was around. Peiru, in disguise, claimed that she was Caroline. Weijie gave a suspicious look and after looking closely her, asked her why she was dressed in tattered clothes and why her face was tanned. Peiru had wanted to giggle, but she controlled herself and answered promptly that she was suffering from a disease which is contagious. Weijie, on hearing this immediately gave an excuse and fled from the house. When Peiru closed the door, Kwun Hok came out laughing. Peiru who was unable to control her giggle also burst out laughing until her sides ache. The 2 people then laughed heartily for a time of 5 minutes when the phone rang. Kwun Hok hinted to Peiru to ask her to keep quiet by putting a finger at his lips. He picked up the phone and said in a giggling tone, “ Yes. Yes, Then? Okay. Bye” That was all he said and he hanged up. After the call, he was back laughing again, this time more heartily then the last. Peiru, at that time had finished laughing and she asked him who was on the line and what was so funny. Kwun Hok said that it was Weijie, asking him if Caroline really had the contagious disease. Weijie also mentioned that he would never ever woo Caroline again, even she is the only girl on earth left. Hearing this, Peiru laughed even harder. Their laughter continued for about 15 minutes. Whenever they stopped laughing and looked at each other, they could not control their laughter. When Caroline came back, she was amused to see them laughing at the same time. During dinner, they related the whole story to Caroline who almost choked on her food. They had the first enjoyable and fun dinner since the death of Caroline and Jeremy’s mother.

This is a story of my story..


This morning, I received a call. A voice said, “If you want to know where your long-lost husband is, meet me at Peaks Hill at 3pm today. “After that, the phone went dead. I was stunned for a moment and after a minute, I started to regain my calmness and sat down on the sofa. 

About 15 years ago, Jeremiah and I were happily married. It was a blissful marriage till that tragic accident. The plane accident broke up our happy marriage and caused Jeremiah to disappear without a trace. Fortunately, I was at the back of the plane where there was a parachute. I landed safely on land when the plane exploded. That accident was the start of my lonely life without Jeremiah as I had later suffered some head injuries and had lost most of my memory. 

While I was pondering on whether the caller was playing a prank or trying to help me, the bell rang. I went to open the door and found Serena and her daughter, Betty, outside. Serena said, “Cheryl, do you mind me leaving Betty with you?” I said that it was okay and allowed Betty to come in. Before Serena left, I managed to ask her to come and look after my kids, Caroline and Kwun Hok, at 1pm. Serena agreed to the request and left. I told Betty to stay around the living room while I took a short nap. 

“Ding Dong!” The grandfather clock rang and announced that it was 12 noon. I was awakened by the loud bell that I was thought that I was late. I took a quick bath and drove to Peaks Hill, leaving Serena in the house, waiting for her mother with the keys. I reached there exactly at 3m. I observed that there were many couples there, dating. 

Only one person stood out from the rest because she was not with a partner. She turned her head back and looked at me. I noticed that she seemed to be a mother and a housewife. I walked up to her and asked her the whereabouts of Jeremiah. The girl nodded her head and introduced herself as Susan before proceeding to our conversation. She said that she wanted to tell me a story to understand better. As it was a hot day, we went to the nearest café to have a drink. I ordered ice tea while she ordered orange juice. We sat down with our drinks comfortably before she began her story. She knew a guy called Terry around 15 years ago when she was in hospital. At that time, Terry was in the same ward with her. She was admitted for a fracture while he was in hospital for a head concussion and had lost all his memory. They got to know each other and they went dating. After a year, they got married. Terry never ever recovered from his memory until a week back when he was in hospital because of a car accident. He had remembered the past the found out the person whom he loved most was a girl called Cheryl. Susan finally tracked her down and asked her out to meet. 

When she finished, I asked her if Terry was okay. She answered that he was in danger as he had internal bleeding in his skull and needed most support from the woman he loved most. 

Hearing this, I begged Susan to bring me to Terry and she said okay. When I reached his ward, I saw him. At the first glimpse of him, I seemed to remember everything about my past. I went to him and held his hand. His eyes flicked and opened. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said that he will always love me. Before he could close his eyes, I told him that I will love him too. A big smile immediately flashed slowly on his face. He died with the smile. 

Unable to take the shock, I asked Susan to help look after Caroline and Kwun Hok. She agreed. At the nod of her head, I ran to the window and jump down from the building of 25 stories. Before I reached the ground, I told Jeremiah to wait for me and I love him forever...

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